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In this activity, you will visit our facilities learn and understand how a high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil is produced by a very small family business that generates no waste. You will learn about the traditional process of olive oil production, as well as how the machinery has evolved and been customized to our needs without altering the natural extraction process of the olive oil. You will also see the machines inside the olive mill and the equipment used during the harvesting process. Afterwards, you can ask anything you want to know about olive oil and olive cultivation. This will be followed by an olive oil tasting, where you will learn the correct way to taste an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and how to distinguish a good olive oil from a not-so-good one. Of course, there will be a treat where you can pair our organic extra virgin olive oil with salad and bread! Our organic extra virgin olive oil is available in painted glass bottles of 250ml at a price of €22, and you can purchase it if you enjoyed our olive oil and the experience we offer!