A numbered bottle of extra virgin olive oil is a bottle that has been individually numbered by the producer, as a way to track and ensure the quality and authenticity of the oil. The numbering system is often used by small or artisanal producers who specialize in high-quality olive oil, and who want to provide transparency and traceability to their customers.

Each bottle is assigned a unique number, which is often printed on a label or tag attached to the bottle. This number can be used to trace the oil back to the specific batch or harvest, and to verify its authenticity and quality. Some producers may also include additional information on the label, such as the date of harvest, the type of olives used, and the location of the orchard.

Numbered bottles of extra virgin olive oil can be a good option for consumers who are looking for high-quality, authentic, and traceable oil. By purchasing from a trusted producer who uses a numbering system, customers can be more confident in the quality and origin of the oil, and can enjoy the unique flavors and aromas of each batch.